Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm back!

I know I haven't posted in a while (sorry~everyone~~I've been really busy moving warehouse recently), but we did have a lot of new Nici friends joined the family lately.

Shaun the Sheep are new, and fortunately we can get them in Australia now!

See what Nici official site says:

Those who know him love him… Shaun the Sheep, who stands out from his herd and has a head of his own! Inquisitive, inventive and always ready for a good laugh. Usually, sheep are rather clumsy. But Shaun is different. Shaun is clever. Shaun is bold. Shaun helps other sheep when their teddy bear has been stolen or if they don't want to take a bath in cold water. And Shaun has the traits many people would like to call their own: cheeky, clever and always ready to interrupt the boredom of everyday life for an exciting adventure.

Well I have to admit that I did not think too much about them until I had them in my hands.
Gosh they are so soft and snuggle, I love Shirley the best. She is just like a fur ball, and look at her eyes, how cute!! She obviously doesn't care too much about her weight:)